To get a sense for some of the books I’ve read, please peruse my Books category. You can also interact with my reading and my reading library by scanning the list of books that I’ve reviewed in this blog.

Here are the kinds of books I enjoy:

  • Software architecture, practices and patterns
  • Design in general and software design in particular
  • Photography – collections, techniques (especially digital)
  • Fictional novels – spy, drama, mystery, etc. (e.g. any spy novel by Daniel Silva–see my posts concerning several of his books)
  • Topics related to the fields of architecture and engineering (i.e. fuel personal beliefs concerning convergence, learning from history, mining patterns from other disciplines, etc.)

I credit my Mom with my love of reading–some say I’m a voracious reader. She was an eighth grade teacher for 16 years, focused on English, History and Spelling, among other disciplines. A lot of my ability to communicate well (or so I’m told) comes from her influence.

At some point I’d like to provide a visual map of book/paper/article associations (e.g. this person recommended X, after reading Y I discovered Z, etc.).


Book reviews

I’ve reviewed the following books in my blog, most of which I have in my library. Those books I especially recommend are in bold.