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Every once in a while, something truly inspirational occurs. Earlier today I was able to witness one such event live with my kids via YouTube: the Mach 1.24 freefall by “Fearless Felix” (Felix Baumgartner) from over 24 miles above the earth.

The following pictures are courtesy of the iPad’s screen capture facility while watching the jump live on YouTube. They are in chronological order.

Felix Baumgartner
Vertical track
View of Earth below
Temperature and pressure
Inside closed capsule
Inside opened capsule
Stepping out
Stepping out
Stepping out
Jumping off toward Earth
Speed record achieved
Freefall short of record
Guided flight
Guided flight
Home sweet home

Although the world may have been focused on Felix (and his mom), I reminded my kids that even a seemingly individual event involves a team. This event was no different and the Stratos team is probably significantly larger than those captured on the video:

Stratos Mission Control Team

Thanks again, Felix and team, for inspiring me and my kids today, and congratulations on your accomplishments!