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Earlier this week, my wife and I finally got to see U2 in concert after purchasing tickets more than two years ago due to a mid-concert accident by Bono in 2010. I recall having a better time at the U2 concert in San Jose (Vertigo tour), but it was a good time nonetheless–could have been due, in part, to enjoying good seats… :-)

Oakland (o.co) coliseum stadium, section 219, row 1, seats 11-12
U2360OAK is show number 94; the attendance number was approaching 63,000 at the time of this photo
U2 performing
U2 performing
U2 performing

This first video–all were taken with my Flip video recorder and uploaded directly to YouTube in HD–is Lenny Kravitz opening his act as the main opening band for U2 with “Come On Get It.”

The second video is Lenny Kravitz performing “Let Love Rule.”

The third video is U2 performing “Elevation.”

The third video is U2 performing “City of Blinding Lights.”

Allison ignited

The closing event for Day Ignite Chicago 2010 was a real treat: a private concert by the Bernard Allison Group at House of Blues Chicago.

Bernard Allison Group at House of Blues Chicago on 10/14/2010

The band, left to right:

  • Jose James (sax, backing vocals, percussion)
  • Bernard Allison (guitar, vocals, keyboards)
  • Erick Ballard (drums)
  • George Moye (bass guitar)
  • Toby Marshall (keyboards)

This first video–all were taken with my iPhone and uploaded directly to YouTube; so, the quality isn’t the best–is the group opening without Bernard, playing the first track off their latest album The Otherside: “Send It In” (2:42).

The second video above is “The Otherside”–track #5 off their latest album of the same name (6:01). At the beginning of the video, Bernard introduces the band.

The third video above is the group going Hendrix, playing the Jimi Hendrix classic, “Fire”–also the 11th track on The Otherside. Around the 5:57 mark, Bernard introduces Erick Ballard for a substantial drum solo that earned him the evening nickname of “The Energizer Bunny” :-) (12:34).

The fourth video above is a two-song medley that highlights various band members (8:39).

The fifth video above is a bass solo by George Moye (4:10).

I recorded another video that occurred in between the fourth and fifth videos above; however, it was 15:40 in duration and YouTube doesn’t accept videos longer than 15 minutes currently.