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D3 (Data-Driven Documents)

Examples of D3-based visualizations

“D3.js is a small, free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.” -

Since I’ve been trying to spread the word with colleagues about this powerful, expressive visualization technology, I thought it might be worth sharing similarly here.

The following tutorials have been helpful in ramping folks up on D3:

D3’s creator, Mike Bostock, has published a white paper on D3 (Stanford Visualization Group) and presented D3 during the most recent W3Conf (browser-based slides).

A couple of spotlights on D3 include one by Flowing Data and another by SVG Magazine.

Flowing Data also posted an application of D3, “How Americans Spend Their Day” (background context).

If this whets your appetite, visit the D3 wiki for a whole lot more goodness (documentation, additional tutorials, example visualizations, etc.).

Update 8/30/2012: Mike Bostock posted his 3/5/2012 D3 workshop given at VIZBI 2012. Also since my original post, I discovered D3 for Mere Mortals and Christophe Viau’s Try D3 Now post.