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Adobe Connect bookmarklet

Here is a technique you can apply to your browser to make your Adobe Connect room joining workflow more streamlined.

If you work at Adobe, you use Connect on a regular basis. After a while, and in the face of shortened URLs (and everything else), you start to just think in terms of frequented room names.

If this sounds like you, you can simply your Connect room joining experience as follows:


This code is simply the logic inside a bookmarklet that you can drag and drop into most modern browsers. That is, you can drag the following link into the links bar of your browser: Connect

Then you can click on the bookmark link to receive a dialog as follows:
Adobe Connect bookmarklet dialog

Please note that you may need to replace “” with your Adobe Connect host URL.

(HT @chrisvls)

P.S. While we’re talking about Adobe Connect productivity, I recommend that you visit the Adobe Connect User Community downloads page for additional tools.

The Experience Architecture

In my #AdobeMAX session today, I presented a set of experience architecture principles with my colleague Marcel Boucher as follows:

I’ve gone into greater detail about these principles in a technical white paper that is available from the Adobe Enterprise Developer Center as a PDF download.

During our session, Marcel presented two demonstrations:

  1. The first demonstration featured an overall vision for customer experience in the retail banking domain. If you weren’t able to catch this demo live, you can see it presented here during the FinovateSpring 2011 event.
  2. Marcel’s second demonstration provided more of the how behind the vision in terms of Adobe’s integration across its Web Experience Management (WEM) solution, SiteCatalyst and Test&Target. A video similar to Marcel’s demonstration of this integration is available here.

MAX is always a great event, and the enterprise team at Adobe is looking forward to sharing more with you about Digital Marketing at our upcoming summit in March 2012.