Cloud first, mobile first, social first

The Adobe® Digital Enterprise Platform (ADEP) Experience Server supports WAN clustering (important in high latency situations and given distributed infrastructure), hot cluster join (allowing you to expand infrastructure on the fly), and runs in a very small memory and CPU footprint. This makes the Experience Server suitable for deployment in the cloud, whether actual deployments are done there or on premise.[1]

Explosion of mobile devices

In pursuing interaction patterns, ADEP starts its approach with mobile devices (particularly tablets) and then expands to consider other environments. ADEP can detect over 17,000 devices,[2] enabling content contributors to understand exactly what experience will be delivered to segmented content consumers via device emulation support. ADEP presents the concept of device groups to reduce the complexity and managing the diverse range of never-ending devices and device types.

Direct service of one may indicate subsequent service to others

Today’s customer increasingly leverages social activities to gain validation of their decisions and to share them with others. ADEP supports a range of social capabilities including support for local communities and the ability to glean information from public communities (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and use that information to tailor the customer experience. Social capabilities in the platform are much like the public social environment: they surround everything we do and are available for use at any time for any purpose.

With ADEP:

  • You build applications for the cloud with on premise in mind,
  • You build applications for mobile with desktop in mind, and
  • You understand that every user is a contributor and has a social graph.

This post wraps up the current series on ADEP architecture principles. Now that we have a shared frame of reference, we’ll return to ADEP Developer Center as a PDF download. Please feel free to provide me with your feedback on that work here. Thanks in advance!

[1] i.e. ADEP Experience Server is “cloud ready”
[2] Adobe’s Customer Experience Solution for Web Experience Management (previously known as CQ5), leverages the WURFL device description repository.