Adobe® Digital Enterprise Platform architecture principles

Architecture is the result of a collective set of design choices, and these choices are informed by principles.

It occurred to me that before I continue much further with my current series on “content + apps”–a design pillar in Adobe’s enterprise software platform for Customer Experience Management–it would be good to share the architectural principles of the Adobe® Digital Enterprise Platform (ADEP). Talking first about ADEP architectural aspirations will hopefully clarify their realization (i.e. architecture implementation choices in ADEP).

ADEP banner

In summary, here are the principles:

Next, we’ll examine the importance of modularity to ADEP.

Update 9/6/2011: The larger technical white paper from which this post was drawn is now available from the ADEP Developer Center as a PDF download. Please feel free to provide me with your feedback on that work here. Thanks in advance!