Adobe, Day and open development

Thanks to everyone at Adobe MAX 2010 who came to the session that David Nuescheler, Roy Fielding and I presented. If you weren’t able to attend our session, it’s provided below.

Roy kicked off the discussion by talking about open development and how open development is critical to architecture. David followed Roy by showing how open development principles have been powerfully applied at Day to its products like CQ5, providing live demonstrations to our audience. I wrapped up this discussion by relating WCM and Day content infrastructure (e.g. Sling and CRX) to Adobe’s CEM platform and specifically to LiveCycle RIA. (For more detail on LiveCycle RIA and other aspects of the LiveCycle ES3 release, which is currently under development, please see my previous post.)

In order to keep the conversation going, I’ve uploaded this presentation as follows:

Update 11/5/2010: You can now watch and listen to this MAX session online (i.e. in synchronized fashion).

Update 12/3/2010: Jayan has done a nice job of rounding up LiveCycle-flavored MAX sessions, including this one, here.