PDF from Confluence

Atlassian’s Confluence software offers a decent collaboration canvas in the form of an enterprise wiki. For example, Confluence can support the practice of “living and active” specifications (instead of, for example, obsolete-once-authored-in-Word specs). Often, though, it’s good to have a more self-contained snapshot in hand (e.g. increase traceability from one review-based state to another, support Customer audits, etc.). Fortunately, Confluence supports export to PDF.

Given its rather prominent display by default in the upper right hand corner of every wiki page, most Confluence users are aware of how to export a single page as a PDF document:

Export page as PDF

However, Confluence also supports exporting a set of wiki pages (up to an entire wiki space) as a single PDF document; yet, this feature is less well known. Here is the step-by-step process to leverage this feature (e.g. to export a multi-page, wiki-based spec as a single PDF document):

  1. Click the browse space link (on any page in the page set of interest):
    Browse Space
  2. Click the advanced link:
  3. Click the export space link:
    Export Space
  4. Configure your export as follows (recommended):
    Configure Export
  5. After setting PDF output, including comments, and clearing all selected pages, select the particular pages that make up the page set of interest.
  6. Click the export button at the bottom of this export space page.

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