First 100K concurrent user ECM benchmark

Earlier today, EMC formally announced the results of its significant Enterprise Content Management benchmark with Microsoft and HP.

The newly released study is one of the largest-ever benchmarks in the ECM industry, demonstrating 100,000 [concurrent] users of Documentum 6.5 [SP1] engaging in a variety of content management-related transactions and sustaining that workload over the course of a 12-hour workday. Transactions included the most common content management activities.

Here’s a picture of the EMC-HP-Microsoft team:

EMC-HP-MSFT benchmark team

From left to right:

  • Surdeep Sharma – Microsoft SQL Server Premier Field Engineer
  • Pat Kirby – EMC Documentum Performance Engineer
  • Vishnu Badikol – EMC Documentum Performance Engineer
  • Joseph Isenhour – Microsoft Enterprise Engineering Center Program Manager
  • Gordon Newman – EMC Documentum Sr. Manager Performance Engineering
  • Gunter Zink (photographer hence not pictured) – HP Integrity Superdome Engineering Group Manager

Here’s another picture that I copied from Gordon showing Pat and Vishnu working with a type of “geek heaven” (i.e. a view of PerfMon on a 64-core machine :-) ):

What a 64-core PerfMon UI looks like

I encourage you to listen to my colleagues Gordon, Pat and Vishnu talk about their experiences configuring and running this benchmark via this video. While you’re watching the video, download the attached joint whitepaper, summary and detailed results, too.

Of course, EMC isn’t resting on its laurels here. In fact, we’re already working to address lessons learned from this benchmark, which will result in even greater scalability. Kudos to my Performance Engineering colleagues!

Update 5/27/2009: The benchmark FAQ is now available here.