Updated DFS Developer Guide on EDN

My colleague and technical writer, Joe Ferrie, just uploaded the second edition of the DFS 6.5 Development Guide to the EMC Developer Network (EDN) here. The information here is applicable to DFS 6.5 and DFS 6.5 SP1.

(I’m still working on this, but at least this content is available via EDN.)

Some highlights of this edition are as follows:

  • A new content transfer chapter, with practical information about uploading and downloading content using Base64 and MTOM, as well as using UrlContent to get content from Accelerated Content Services (ACS). Examples are provided for WSDL-based consumers, as well as productivity layer consumers. Unified Client Facilities (UCF) now gets its own chapter.
  • Details of Java productivity layer dependencies so that you can more easily understand what JAR files you need on your ClassPath given for your particular development scenario
  • A new chapter comparing DFC and DFS, which is expected to be useful for DFC developers who are ramping up with DFS and want to compare the general approach and specific operations
  • A revised explanation of the sometimes confusing restrictions on retrieving deep relationships in DataObjects.

Thanks, Joe!