JIRA Client for OASIS

Thanks to a recent IT change concerning the OASIS JIRA server, I can now leverage ALM Works JIRA Client to work OASIS CMIS TC issues.

JIRA Client for OASIS splash screen

Furthermore, all OASIS Issue Trackers in the single OASIS JIRA server are available to me–or any other OASIS member!

Here is how…

  1. Visit ALM Works and download JIRA Client.
  2. Install JIRA Client and choose “Run JIRA Client” before exiting the installer.
  3. Enter your license key. That is, download deskzilla_oasis.license to your local %USERPROFILE%\.JIRAClient directory (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\.JIRAClient, on a Windows XP machine), and point your JIRA Client instance to your local license file (i.e. select it).
  4. Verify the following license data is presented upon selection:
          Site license
          Licensed to: open-source community
          Support ID: 4000383
          Supported servers:
            JIRA [http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues]
  5. Restart JIRA Client in order for this license to take effect (i.e. Start | Programs | JIRA Client | JIRA Client).
  6. Configure connection (i.e. enter your OASIS member login credentials).
  7. Connect and select the OASIS issue trackers of interest.
  8. Initialize connection, which may take a short amount of time during first-time initialization.

At this point you should be able to leverage JIRA Client against OASIS issue trackers (e.g. CMIS).


  • A big thank you to ALM Works founder, Igor Sereda, for his support of open source projects and organizations like OASIS.
  • Thanks also go to Mary McRae of OASIS for gently vetting JIRA Client licensing details, since I’m not an OASIS employee.

Just to be clear, this ALM Works software is not being provided by, nor licensed to OASIS as an organization. The JIRA Client license from ALM Works isn’t granted to OASIS, but it’s restricted to access the OASIS JIRA repository. Each person who installs will need to determine whether or not they are able to accept the licensing agreements for their organization.