Earlier today, John Newton posted a nice summary of what the OASIS CMIS Technical Committee (TC) accomplished this Monday through Wednesday. Anyone interested in the CMIS progress will want to read John’s post.

Earlier this week, EMC released its second Early Access bits that support both bindings in the current draft specification.

It was great to spend time focusing on technical issues and discussing proposals to resolve them. Sometimes there simply isn’t a substitute for working with others in the same room! It was also nice to catch up with prior colleagues–John and Dave Caruana–and establish new report with others in the Enterprise Content Management industry.

In particular, I appreciate the effort made by TC’ers from EMC and IBM to get our bits–both REST and SOAP–interoperating together. We did make demonstrable progress–however difficult the technical environment (i.e. lack of viable network onsite) proved to be. (I’ll post my WCF test client (CMIS WSDL endpoint consumer) separately.)

(By the way, if you ever test MTOM content transfer while outputting messages to a console window, think twice about logging all HTTP traffic. I think that folks in the lobby of building 40 thought my laptop was a bomb when I rushed to leave the TC meeting after I couldn’t get my computer alarm to silence or stop–until a hard power-down action was applied. :-) )

Update 1/31/2009: Thanks to Dennis Hamilton, here is a group photo of those physically present at the TC meeting:

090128 OASIS CMIS TC group photo