How do you say CMIS?

While I’ve been saying “see em eye ess” for CMIS up to this point, I’ve discovered that others are pronouncing CMIS “see miss” instead.

  • One’s pronunciation of SQL has been offered in support of pronouncing CMIS (i.e. “see qul” versus “ess queue el”). (I say “see qul;” so perhaps I should be saying “see miss.”)
  • Using the shortest pronunciation possible as measured by number of syllables has been offered in support of “see miss” (i.e. two versus four syllables).
  • Conjunctives like CMIS-enabled, CMIS-ready, etc. has been offered in consideration of “see miss.” On other hand, “see em eye ess” may be better in conversation with someone not yet familiar with the standards effort.
  • One’s locale and native language has also been offered in support of “see em eye ess” (e.g. easier to understand in conversation with non-native speakers by avoiding use of two common English words, which can be hard to parse in the middle of a sentence for someone not already used to the meaning).
  • Pop culture features shows like CSI, SVU and NCIS. Initialism applies to these shows (e.g. you don’t hear “see sci” or “en sis”). Therefore, …

So, how do you say CMIS? :-)

P.S. Yes, this is completely unimportant in every technical aspect where the standards effort around CMIS is concerned. Nevertheless, consistent identity, including pronunciation matters, and the standards effort is just getting started…

P.P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!