On Monday EMC announced Atmos. While I was in flight, returning from a short vacation, a number of my EMC colleagues blogged about this new offering. I’d like to draw your attention to their posts as follows:

  • Steve Todd first offers, among other things, a concise definition of Cloud Optimized Storage (COS): “global storage with a policy focus.” He continues in a follow-up post by delving into more details concerning the “special sauce” of Atmos (i.e. its use of global policies). I have the strong sense that more posts will come from Steve regarding Atmos in the not too distant future, too.
  • Barry Burke: “Atmos seeks to blaze a new approach to “cloud” storage (oh how I hate that term), to create a global storage platform that is not only cost-effective to install and grow, but extremely efficient to operate as well…set-it-and-forget-it cloud storage. And trust me, if your business thinks in petabytes or even exabytes of unstructured data, you’re already looking for a totally new storage paradigm, because nothing – and I mean NOTHING – built on current commercial file systems or databases will handle that kind of storage.”
  • After some humorous precursor posts, Mark Twomey dives into Atmos by relaying his conversation with one of the Atmos architects, Dr. Patrick Eaton, who was also involved in OceanStore.
  • Dave Graham talks about what Atmos is and is not and then covers the underlying architecture of Atmos.
  • Last but not least, Chuck Hollis provides his perspective on Atmos, drawing in other commentary from the web in the process.