EMC Innovation Conference – day 2b

Continuing from the first half of my day two notes…

Steve Santini (internal EMC link), CTO, Bank of America Securities spoke next as the day’s featured guest speaker. Steve shared his perspective on how how Bank of America (BofA), as a very large company, organizes itself for successful innovation; the bank’s vision for the future of information; and the Center for Future Banking. Notes from this session:

  • Per Steve’s acknowledgment, this presentation itself is innovation, since normally BofA has avoided such engagements so as not to appear to be making an endorsement. To those at BofA who made the call to allow Steve to present during this conference, a hearty “Thank You!”
  • BofA is a company that is always in transition (e.g. due to M&A activity), and it has a well-defined process to handle transitions such as merging IT data centers (i.e. concept of a “lean” – e.g. if I could do X or Y, I lean toward X). A first lean is about gut feel. A second lean is about details, and a third lean is about execution.
  • BofA has to innovate in order to deliver products that meet ever-changing lifestyles.
  • First, create the room and the structure for innovation to grow.

Next, the conference focused on university research and heard updates from several EMC-sponsored efforts as follows:

  1. Fudan University Ph.D candidate from Parallel Processing Institute, Haibo Chen, presented “Inside and Outside Protection of Cloud Services through Daoli Trusted Infrastructure.” More (EMC internal) details on this presentation are here.
  2. University of Washington doctoral student in Computer Science & Engineering, Evan Welbourne, presented “RFID Data Management for Pervasive Computing Applications.” More (EMC internal) details on this presentation are here. Evan is the graduate student lead of the RFID Ecosystem project.
  3. University of Michigan Professor Peter Honeyman, research professor, scientific director, Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI), challenged the conference audience to look to parallel computing for storage innovation. During session Q&A (in response to modern OS deficiencies where massive throughput is concerned): “you solve the problem you have…CITI is addressing new problems…”

The final segment of the conference was the announcement of showcase judging results and awarding the winners, which are outlined here.

This was a great conference both in terms of content and in terms of networking with fellow EMC colleagues. It was invigorating, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.

Update 10/27/2008: Cornelia Davis posted a nice blog on her conference experience here.