Resetting the interop button

Executive Summary

Since this is a longer post (actually a set of posts), allow me to summarize the main points from the get-go as follows:

  • DFC Primary Interop Assembly (PIA) and the underlying Documentum Java-COM Bridge (DJCB) support the DFC 5.3 API. That is, interface changes in DFC 6.x are not reflected in the DJCB and therefore are also not reflected in the PIA.
  • DFC PIA and DJCB were officially deprecated in the EMC Documentum 6.0 platform release (aka D6).
  • Since D6, EMC Documentum Foundation Services (DFS), is the fully supported and recommended platform API for interoperable solutions development (e.g. using .NET frameworks such as ASP.NET or Windows Forms).

Interoperability Review Details

Most folks that know EMC Documentum business logic software is predominantly implemented in Java (e.g. DFC/BOF, UCF, ACS/BOCS, etc.). However, this should not indicate a lack of support for other platforms such as .NET. So, let’s talk about .NET support, first by reviewing the past and finally by focusing on the present.