One small step toward going digital

I admit that I still enjoy the printed page–always will. However, while I won’t be trading in my novels for an e-book any time soon, I am trying to “go digital” where magazines and periodicals are concerned.

Resources like the digital libraries of ACM and IEEE are wonderful, and most magazines offer or plan to offer a digital version (e.g. PDF download).

Still, I receive my weekly allotment of trade rags in printed form. Still, I apply old habits. This week, though, I was introduced to life in the 21st century: copiers can scan documents and email you the results in PDF form.

My first 21-page submission yielded a 2 MB (black & white) PDF document. Papers are beginning to disappear off my desk (i.e. piles are moving onto my hard drive). This could be good…

Yeah, I know…living under a rock…  :-)