Monthly Archives: April 2008

Visualizing Earth Day

Not to forget that today is Earth Day, I’m reminded of being exposed to Chris Jordan‘s photographic art during a flight I took, I think, last year. His images stuck with me, and several seem very fitting to draw your attention to today:

Of course, there are many more works by Mr. Jordan, and I encourage you to experience them–at least online, if not in person.

DFS data model

Ever since we produced an object model poster for EMC Documentum 5.3, folks have requested more such posters. So, when DFS released with EMC Documentum 6.0, we thought it made sense to pursue a data model poster.

Thanks to the work of Oleg, Meir, Patricia and others, I’m pleased to report that the DFS data model poster for the 6.0 SP1 release is on its way to the printers. You can download its PDF rendition here.

Also, if you’re coming to EMC World next month in Las Vegas, it’s my understanding that there will be a large number of posters available to attendees–not to mention a number of presentations and a hands-on lab concerning DFS.

Cheers! :-)