Monthly Archives: March 2008

Omea is open to the community

Now that Michael has publicly posted the official news in the Confluence wiki for Omea and in the newsgroups (i.e. coyly here via a three-part post featuring Esperanto and Alice in Wonderland), I want to also draw attention to this important open source event:

I caught word of this milestone coming via Jeff Loftus. Serge was kind enough to cut Jeff and I in a couple of days early on the SVN link via the Omea multi-user chat room. (Using Miranda to access the MUC was painless).

I see, too, that David and Dmitry have picked up the news.

It took almost ten months since I posted my open letter to the Omea crew, but they have delivered.

Looks like I need to demonstrate “Omea Master” status. :-)

Our digital universe

IDC just published a white paper, sponsored by EMC (my employer), to update its initial forecast last year concerning worldwide information growth over the next few years. This year’s update forecasts through 2011.

You can find both white papers here, and there is no need to register first. Since this year’s paper is an update to last year’s inaugural paper, I recommend that you download and read both papers.