Cushy catalyst

Last weekend–before the Sierra’s were dumped on–my family and a friend’s family went up past Sonora for a few days to play in the snow. On the first day while driving to Pine Crest, we came across of hillside perfect for sledding. In fact a whole army of families had and continued to make the same conclusion.

My son, the daredevil, kept asking me to position his sled runs wherever he could find a way to “catch air.” Eventually, the question arose as to why I wasn’t doing the same. So, with my son looking on…

Sledding down a slope near Pine Crest

Upon landing in my paper-thin plastic saucer an idea occurred to my tail bone and I: there has to be a way to apply durable, cost-effective, lightweight cushioning to typical sledding gear.

Immediately the name “cushy” came to mind for the business of providing such comfort. (Alas, an XYZ 2.0 company has already claimed the .com address.)

Anyway, if I ever change jobs for the material sciences and manufacturing, I wanted to capture the moment inspiring such change. :-)

Happy New Year!