Although it began as an Oracle blogosphere community builder, Billy Cripe was kind enough to include others outside his employer, including me, for this friendly game.

First, I am to disclose eight not-so-obvious things about myself. OK:

  1. I’m right-minded since I’m left-handed (i.e. a South Paw, a Goofy Footer).
  2. My wife grew up in South Africa and we met across state lines.
  3. I’m an applied mathematician by training, and I thought I’d be a college professor. Then I had a software internship and started making money…
  4. My Dad was a DBA and my Mom was a junior high school teacher. I do envision teaching some day…
  5. I’m 6’3″ so I’m asked about playing basketball…until my 6’7″ younger brother shows up. He and I also debate who’s the real architect–my software angle or his traditional (buildings) angle.
  6. I enjoy barbecuing and seem to have received the extended family grill master mantle. (If you have any good rub or sauce recipes, please do share them with me.)
  7. I prefer Peet’s coffee to Starbucks coffee, and I prefer dogs over cats.
  8. I took a job as a janitor just to appreciate life on the other side. As a result, I see folks in this kind of service differently (better, I sincerely hope).

Next, I am to tag eight un-tagged bloggers. So, I now tag David Caruana, Laurence Hart, David Hill, Ross Mayfield, Rob Masson, Jeff Nolan, and Harry Pierson. Cheers, guys! :-)