What’s new in DFS 6.0 SP1

The following new features are provided in EMC Documentation Foundation Services (DFS) for Documentum 6 SP1, which officially released yesterday (12/21/2007):

  • Support for deployment using IBM WebSphere and Oracle application servers
  • Productivity layer for .NET consumers
  • Object service enhanced to support external sources

DFS now supports free-standing deployment on IBM WebSphere V6.1 and Oracle Application Server 10.1.3.x. This means that the EAR file containing out-of-the-box core platform services, emc-dfs.ear, can be successfully deployed into these application servers. Deployment of core platform services via an installer continues to be BEA WebLogic based–either alongside the Java Method Server app server instance established during Content Server installation or into a cluster-ready, separate middle-tier deployment during standalone DFS installation.

The DFS SDK now includes a.NET productivity layer (consumer library) for development of .NET-based DFS consumers. The .NET productivity layer is functionally equivalent to the Java productivity layer, with the exception that a .NET client can consume DFS services only remotely (as web services).

The DFS .NET productivity layer is Common Language Specification (CLS) compliant; therefore, you are free to develop above DFS using your CLS-compliant language of choice (e.g. C#, VB.NET, Managed C++, even IronRuby, IronPython, etc.). Samples of C# DFS consumers are provided in the SDK as well as new XML Documentation (i.e. C# equivalent to Java’s Javadoc) and HTML Help (.chm) documentation.

DFS service development tools have been enhanced to provide a facility for generating CLS-compliant .NET productivity layer support for your won services, too. The DFS .NET productivity layer is based on Microsoft’s Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) framework within .NET 3.0.

The core platform Object service has been enhanced to support retrieval of content from external sources accessible to the Search service. Since its initial release in D6, the core platform Search service getRepositoryList operation returns a list of available sources–both managed sources such as Documentum content repositories and external, unmanaged sources such as Google or anything else supported via an ECIS adapter. (You can checkout the source of several ECIS adapters via the EMC Developer Network (EDN) Component Exchange.). The Search service execute operation returns the result of a search query run against a list of sources, both managed and external. Now with SP1, the Object service get operation can retrieve content from the external sources in addition to managed sources, based on the search query results.

There’s more to tell, but I have some Christmas shopping and gift wrapping to do! :-)