After Christmas "sale"

Well, actually it’s a give away (as in free).

Recently I took my family to a “Deacon Dave’s” to see his Christmas light spectacular. (One of his assistants said the power line to serve draws 400 amps!) I took several pictures without flash just after dark, trying to capture the effect of all of the (250,000+) lights, especially in the trees.

Anyway, I’ve been using the Cutline theme for my blog for awhile now. Cutline works with 770 by 140 pixel images. So, for those of my fellow Cutline users, here are some banner-sized images of Christmas lights you can use in the future.

As Daffy Duck said to Speedy Gonzales in Bah-Humduck!, “Fleas and eggnog!” :-)

Update: I see that Cutline 2.0 has increased its header image size from 770×140 to 896×163. So, the above images are natively sized for Cutline 1.1. If you want me to produce 2.0-native images, please let me know (via a comment). Thanks.