Conversation in Monaco

Today I had the privilege of talking about EMC Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) to roughly a 100 or so customers, partners and integrators at Momentum Europe 2007, held at Grimaldi Forum, Monaco. As promised, my slides are here, and the demo client in both Java and .NET (C#) can be downloaded via Zip archive here.

Before my session during the day’s keynote, the winners of the D6 Web Services Challenge were announced. As an internal judge, I was quite impressed by the breadth of submissions and how little time it took to develop them using DFS. The winners are as follows:

  • 1st Place – Incident Management System: Armedia
    This Windows Mobile 6 application simulates a field employee using a handheld device to capture notes in the field, and import them to Documentum. It allows for the mobile device camera to directly import images to Documentum, plus importing of images from an external service, in this instance Flickr. This application was built in only 10 days by a team of three individuals.
  • 2nd Place – 5MD gTop: Rob Cleghorn, Alexandre Alvares, Andrew McAllister, James Maughan, and Simon Green
    This five man team is so named due to the five days they dedicated to their effort to build a highly functional Web based user interface to Documentum leveraging Google Web Toolkit. In the words of one judge: “A clear example of the power of the new Rich Internet Application (RIA) and SOA programming model in action.”
  • 3rd Place – PDF Publishing and Search: Alan Greendyk
    This single person entry leverages the power of Flex programming and Adobe LiveCycle Data Services to illustrate a publishing application pushing content into Documentum, with an extended search capability to fetch content from the Documentum repository.

The press release for this announcement is here. There should be more details about the winning entries up on EDN soon, too.

Congratulations to Armedia, the team from BNP Paribas (Cleghorn et al), and Alan Greendyk from Wachovia!