The Technology of Text

The May 2007 issue of IEEE Spectrum includes “The Technology of Text,” fascinating article about the art and science of typography and supporting display technologies such as Microsoft’s ClearType.

While a quick Google of “cleartype vista” indicates that there is no universal warmth to Windows Vista’s ClearType support, I enjoy reading text in Vista more than I do in XP–even with the tuner powertoy for the down-level OS. I’d like to better understand Vista’s integration with ClearType in more detail; so, if you have a good link to share, thanks in advance.

This improved user experience around text and much-improved power management (i.e. extended battery life) have given my work laptop an unexpected boost in usability. There are still a set of issues that prevent me from recommending Vista generally to folks, and I’m hoping that SP1 later this year will address these completely. (I can always hope, right. :-) )