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Techset audience on Tuesday

Yesterday and today I had the privilege of supporting my colleague Charlotte Townsley as the subject matter expert during her EMC Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) sessions as part of the D6-focused Techset event. (For those not familiar with Techset, it’s an event Documentum ran and continues to run as part of the larger EMC Content Management & Archiving (CMA) business, providing timely valuable details concerning an upcoming platform release.)

I’m guessing that roughly 200 attendees–EMC field personnel, including consultants, plus EMC partners–participated in one of the two day-long sessions that featured instructor-led presentation plus lab work. Each day’s audience was definitely into the material based on the level of interaction and depth of questions asked.

I’m really looking forward to receiving feedback from these individuals as they “take to the streets” armed with DFS.

For those who attended Tuesday’s DFS session, I threw together the following graphic for today’s attendees:

Underlying DFS architecture

It’s purpose is to help clarify where the DFS runtime is involved, among other things. The top two flows represent remote consumer interactions, and the bottom/third flow represents a local consumer-provider interaction.

By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about DFS and how to use it to build custom services and service-consuming applications, please consider the upcoming DFS Fundamentals course from our Educational Services team. (The Techset sessions on DFS represent just a portion of that class.)