Another MVP

While I’m on the subject of MVP’s, I have to mention my brother. Brent is the epitome of community service to me–always generous with his time and talents.

Over the years, my brother has made it a priority to give back globally when it comes to the application of his licensed architectural skills. (There’s a running joke between the two of us about who is really an architect, since he builds buildings and I build…well, I built this.) Case in point is one of the featured projects on the eMI home page: a training center and dormitory in Camaragibe, Brazil.

In the spirit of “think globally, act locally,” Brent hosted my son at his place yesterday for an afternoon of building and swimming.

The 'Alaska' Airplane Building Crew

Not a bad result, especially when you consider that it went from a paper sketch to an assembled, painted result in only two and a half hours.

Kudos to you, bro! :-)