Opening in Orlando

My audience

Today at EMC World 2007 I had the privilege of talking in depth about a new product from EMC coming in the forthcoming EMC Documentum 6.0 platform release: EMC Documentum Foundation Services (DFS).

I think that the presentation was well-received judging by the interaction with my audience both during the session and in the following Q&A. It was certainly well-attended as there were folks standing in the back and less than a handful of empty seats. Please see my next DFS post for a link to my session materials.

Before my presentation, I was interviewed by Alan Z. of the EMC Developer Network. Alan gave me the opportunity to talk informally about DFS in the context of SOA and BPM.

While the SDC accounts for just 300 of the 7000 attendees here in Orlando this year, 300 is a growing number and I got to talk to over half of that number this afternoon at my session (i.e. about 180 Documentum developers). (Thanks for listening to and interacting with me, this afternoon!)

My audience

As I said then, it’s about starting a conversation around DFS–why it does what it does, how to leverage it optimally, what choices to make as a developer, etc. To that end, I’ve added a new “dfs” category to tag future posts about DFS that I plan to pen.

Last night I enjoyed a great dinner with a few colleagues at The Capital Grille. (So did Joe Tucci, EMC’s CEO and Mark Lewis, EMC’s CDO President of EMC’s Content Management and Archiving division.)

Earlier yesterday I unknowingly shared a shuttle to the convention center with Mark Twomey. (It’s always nice to meet another EMC blogger in person. There aren’t enough of them!). Once Mark recognized me–good example of having a picture up on one’s blog–we got into talking about what I’m calling the “knowledge derivative” (i.e. the valuable by-product of content and information under management and richly supported by consistent, robust infrastructure). Perhaps this conversation will lead to another podcast.

Update 8/29/2007: Here is the link to Alan’s interview of me.