Documentum Foundation Services

Earlier this week I presented Documentum Foundation Services to a full house at SDC07. I see that John Newton picked up my post. (BTW, I very much agree with John that EMC could do a much better job of opening up the event, both to those in attendance and those unable to attend, by blogging. Transparency is here to stay.)

John suspects that DFS contains EMC Documentum’s “long awaited web services interfaces.” Actually, is more about SOA enablement than about just web services, but it is true that DFS provides WSDL contracts for a number of core platform services.

On Thursday I presented a repeat of Monday’s conversation to about 70 SDC07 attendees. Since the repeat session occurred during the very last hour of the conference and the previous evening featured the attendee party at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, I felt the turn-out to be quite good.

My presentation–as presented on Thursday–is here. I was also able to record Thursday’s presentation. Here is that recording, which runs a little over 51 minutes. Lastly, here is the small DFS remote client sample that was discussed during my presentation. I revised the sample slightly from what was presented during Monday’s session to highlight the variety of ways to determine how a particular service contract can be bound by a client.

Whether you choose to comment here on this blog or on EDN, I do hope to hear from you.

Let’s build a community around DFS together. Cheers!

Update 8/29/2007: The good folks at EDN have produced media that combines my presentation slides synchronized with my audio presentation of them during SDC. Enjoy!

Update 1/13/2008: I’ve begun to move my DFS-related media into the Documentum community area within the EDN. This will allow me to better follow and follow-up on individual media (e.g. point out when a sample is out-dated, etc.). It also helps better promote EDN.