About core beliefs at EMC

Yesterday Chuck Hollis, EMC’s VP of Technology Alliances, blogged about EMC’s core beliefs in which he made the following statement: Information is becoming the single most important asset in the world today [emphasis is his]. Information is only as good as what you can do with it–what it puts into motion.

Therefore, I would argue that knowledge derived from information is more important than information alone.

Clearly both Chuck and I–a fellow EMC employee and software architect–don’t work in HR; otherwise, we’d be putting people above all else–and I try to.

To more effectively derive knowledge from information, better tools are required. And these tools aren’t just limited to IT, where Chuck puts his focus. Better tools are required for all those who come in contact with information, particularly knowledge workers. It’s about more than just dashboards and pie charts, too–much more! It’s about information analytics. It’s about visualization infrastructure to bring all forms of data and content–information–to life.

And it’s not about them, you or me; it’s about us. I need better tools to understand the mountains of information forming around me at an alarming rate. I need ways to bring fresh perspective and presentation–like contextual pivoting–so that I can know.