Annual blog review

While I’ve never been a prolific blogger, I managed to find time to post at least once every month last year. However, total posts this year (64) were down from 2005 (74). I believe this was due to two primary factors: having a family with two kids now and having a high, sustained workload as a software architect.

I started last year off intending to write more from my gut (i.e. what I’m passionate about). I faired decently but not spectacularly in this regard.

Easily the most significant post I made in 2006 was one of my shortest: Beautiful evidence. :-)

Other posting highlights include the following (in chronological order–most recent is last):

Since becoming SOA architect for the Content Management & Archiving business unit within EMC, I’ve been focused on SOA, web services and ECM service standardization. Since I realized this role on 1/1, 2006 has been about services, services, services; so the third to the last post above was made both seriously and as an attempt at humor.

The last two posts above hold perhaps the most promise entering 2007. Ruby is a language on the rise, and I’m interested in seeing how dynamic languages in general and Ruby in particular can well-serve content management needs (among other uses).

Omea is a unique resource aggregator that includes support for feeds, newsgroups, email, bookmarks and files, and is also accessible. It also happens to be my feed reader of choice. Given the business I’m in, I’m anxious to understand Omea at the source level to see how it can become integrated into content management solutions.

Looking back on 2006, I am reminded that the best laid plans can dissolve with little notice. WinFS, for example, was going strong until Microsoft decided (wisely) to remove it from what will publicly launch soon as Windows Vista. I’m also reminded that opportunity can knock without expectation (e.g. becoming a Microsoft MVP as a Solutions Architect).

Looking ahead to 2007… Happy New Year!