SOA, WS and ECM, oh my!

Yesterday was my first experience giving a webinar. I’ve spoken in front of conference audiences many times, but this was my first “live” experience sans live audience.

While there was certainly some interactivity during Q&A–both verbally submitted questions and online equivalents–I think that I prefer seeing my audience. Being able to study body language, facial expression and general mood help me to be a better communicator–am I making sense? did I just trigger a reaction that should be addressed by another example? am I holding interest? etc.

My first impression is that webinars are a good complement to face-to-face presentations, not a replacement–at least not for me.

So, what did I talk about? I tried to answer the following questions:

  • What is an SOA and how does it impact ECM development and deployments?
  • What are web services and why are they important to content management applications?
  • What’s driving the shift from basic web services to SOA?
  • Why are industry standards important to ECM and what is the direction of these standards?

You can register to view the recorded event here (i.e. both in audio-visual format (WebEx) and visual-only (PDF) format).

Update 12/7/2006: By the way, you can also listen to ECM-related podcasts from EMC and its customers on the PodTech network here.