Open source Omea!

Earlier today JetBrains Omea Development Lead, Michael Gerasimov, made it public and official: “After collecting your opinions and having long internal discussions, we have finally decided to move both Omea Reader and Omea Pro into the open source domain.” Michael had alerted me to this excellent news privately before the newsgroup-based announcement, but once again I agreed to wait for JetBrain’s lead.

This is great news for Omea users like me, content management developers and solutions architects like me, and fans of open source… :-)

Here are some more details from this announcement:

  • The licensing of this new open source project has yet to be announced (e.g. GNU, Apache, etc.).
  • The repository for this project has yet to be announced (e.g. SourceForge, etc.).
  • Omea Pro is immediately available free of charge.
  • JetBrains will release version 2.2 of Omea Pro and Omea Reader before the product goes open source in the traditional sense.
  • JetBrains is going to ensure Visual Studio 2005 readiness before the product goes open source (e.g. project files, potential optimization for .NET 2.0, etc.).
  • Source code currently resides in a p4 repository. It will migrate into a Subversion repository before it goes open source.
  • The new build scheme will leverage JetBrains TeamCity.

Alas and unfortunately, is already claimed by Ottawa Musicians and Entertainers Association.

Update 3/15/2008: Although over a year later, Omea is finally open to the community In doing so, JetBrains has released the open source project via SVN off its domain and with a code base requiring .NET 3.0 and Visual Studio 2008–among other components.