Hot is an understatement

We already suffer a roughly ten-degree variance in temperature between our downstairs and our upstairs at home. (Yes, the house isn’t really designed to be supported by just one AC unit.) But if that wasn’t enough, our AC unit decided to part company with us in the middle of the afternoon yesterday–with the temperature over 110 degrees outside.

Thinking that perhaps a simple fuse was the culprit, I drove off to our local Home Depot. When I arrived at the fuse bin, I was met by a number of fellow suffers and EMPTY PARTS BINS! Even worse, those suffering the same fate of no AC went on to say that everyone else was also out of fuses. In my case, as it turns out, my fuses were just fine–had them tested–leaving me with a likely mechanical issue (i.e. need a new AC unit?).

…I was joking with friends over the weekend that it was about time to rent again The Money Pit, since we recently bought a new car and put in a new fence all around our property line… Sigh…

Friday is the soonest that we can get anyone to come out and fix whatever ailes our AC. So, last night we corraled all of our fans to the downstairs, put all of the couch cushions on the floor and transformed our living and family rooms into temporary sleeping quarters. We went to bed with it 87 degrees in the house. When I left for work this morning it was 90. Sigh!

Then this afternoon, the following arrives in my Outlook Inbox:

The State ISO has ordered a Stage 2 Power Alert due to the extremely high temperature.  In response, our cooling systems are operating at maximum capacity attempting to hold an average temperature of 78 degrees.
With a Stage 2 Alert, we have been prompted to prepare for the possibility of a grid wide power failure.  In the event that our alert changes to a Stage 3, which would require a mandatory power shut down, we will notify you.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Guess that 90 degrees is better than 110… Sigh!!