Mind mapping

Recently I blogged about Mindjet MindManager and how this application has enabled me to realize the value of mind mapping. Well, until all of my colleagues become licensed users of this software, the folks at Mindjet Labs recently provided a useful bridge to the world of open source in the form of an integration for FreeMind. This integration allows a FreeMind user to import FreeMind maps into Mind Manager Pro 6. So now my colleagues can immediately install this Java application–on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.–to start producing mind maps, which can be freely consumed in MindManager. Kudos, Mindjet Labs!

Update 1/30/2006: FreeMind can import to MindManager X5 maps, too. So, with the Mindjet Labs integration and a willingness to not rely on version 6.0-exclusive map artifacts, this is a round-trip solution!

Update 2/9/2013: Apparently MindManager is now called Mindjet for Individuals.