Achievement of maximum effect with minimum means

A colleague of mine was kind enough to refer me to this. As a result I also read Garr Reynoldsfollow-up post. To me the whole “Live” announcement came as little surprise–it’s very much aligned with recent reorganizations at Microsoft and clearly addresses threats Microsoft faces from the likes of Google and others in the software-as-services space. But while I’ve read much of the blogosphere’s commentary on the announcement, I did not see it myself, nor did I, until now, read a critique of Bill’s performance in making this announcement. Although Garr is ex-Apple, his critique is, in my view, constructive and fair.

To me the overwhelming (and at the same time underwhelming) visuals are indicative of trying to bite off too much to chew in one slide. “Live” may be another one of those over-arching strategies–recall the Internet becoming everything–but if it is cast too broadly than its staying power is diluted and its resonance more quickly dissipates.

In the second post of the two I link to above, Garr shows a picture of Steve Jobs with a giant ‘?’ behind him (white character on black background). Simple. Direct. Engaging. It reminds me of a story Tom Peters conveyed in his book Re-imagine! The only difference was that Tom projected “So What?!?” instead of ‘?’