Trip report – PDC05 (closing remarks)

As I mentioned earlier in my trip report, this PDC was highly energetic and projected a sense of urgency (i.e. its technology horizon is both near, medium and far). Technologies are more baked; forthcoming pipelines are more substantial; capabilities are more comprehensive and offer a better foundation upon which to build software solutions.

Storage, Data, Presentation – FREEDOM !!

The PDC Bloggers experiment for me failed. Why? First, the stream of information is substantial but it’s also overwhelming. Keeping up with it while focusing on PDC proved quickly to be impractical for me. Second, the vast majority of bloggers aggregated into the single feed aren’t known (vetted) to me; so, their authority is questionable–not to mention the fact that a number of posts are focused on “what’s in the goody bags” and other valueless trivial. However, I wouldn’t say it was a complete failure. Through the experience I was able to locate a new handful of blogs I subscribed to as a result. Perhaps my experience suggests that there a new tools waiting to be developed to efficiently mine feeds for the actual content of personal interest.

About the session slide decks…Attendees had to download sessions one at a time (or write a custom application to batch/bulk download instead). WHY?!? What a colossal waste of time. Microsoft would do well to consider a storage/server/net solution that could support downloading at least daily Zip files. Does the absence of a smart client solution for PDC05 say anything about Microsoft’s smart client priority? (Previous PDCs had such tools.) Where are the keynote decks? Why did the .one files never see the (second) light of day? (For each PowerPoint deck there was an associated OneNote file. At least that was apparent to the public CommNet briefly on the Sunday before PDC05.)

About internet access during the conference…Wireless access was still quite poor throughout the conference with quite a few dead spots and other areas of sporadic connectivity. Isn’t the underlying technology and current capacity such that we should be beyond this? The free high-speed internet in the hotel courtesy of Microsoft was a nice touch.

Finally, my original intent was to blog my trip report on a daily basis during the conference. This proved to be impractical and too ambitious for me. Settling time was necessary to add clarity and to help bubble up more important points. Even given some time after the conference, my trip reports here on this blog are essentially in note form and remain to be condensed, distilled and made more actionable.