Sleeping to stay awake

Seeing the following verbiage in an email from my wife this morning, made me smile :-) :

Your mom called with an update on the overnight with Josh and it was interesting. They seemed to think it was humorous but she acknowledged if they had to do that every night it would be exhausting. He got up at 10:30 looking for me but they got him back to bed. Then again at 12:30 cuz he bonked his head on the wall but went back to sleep. Then he went into their room at 3:30 and climbed into bed with them and fell right to sleep before she could even figure out what was going on. They were so cramped in the queen bed and after he kicked her in the head, she went and slept in his bed. Your dad said that he moved around so much that he eventually was sleeping on top of the covers with his head at the foot of the bed. He sat straight up and then rolled around so he was sleeping backwards.