Please pardon my mess

You may have noticed that my front page is a bit bent out of shape with respect to its two-column layout. Apparently I now have too much content in my sidebar for my current style to support. So, I’m in search of a plug-in or other technique to trim down the amount of information found there today (e.g. use of something like expand and collapse for each section of links shown). If you know of anything for WP 1.5.2 in this regard, please let me know. Thanks in advance…

9/15/2005 update: Kudos to my Dad for suggesting a lurking markup error as the root cause. Dead on right. Argh! Guess I need to activate a spell checker and a markup checker soon. Sigh… On the other hand, the experience has caused me to rethink the way I present meta information in the sidebar, and I’m still committed to using or building something a bit more sophisticated in the sidebar to trim down the amount of information there on first glance.