Kickoff by keynote

Bill Gates is normally not the most charismatic guy, but he was “on fire” compared to Jim Allchin. If you’re here and don’t already know what Jim is talking about at the high level he talked about it, you’re at the wrong conference!

The Vista and Office “12” demos were well-received, especially since this was the first public showing of the later set of technologies.

Being a software guy I’ve already run into my first hardware issue–brought my digital camera (and have already taken some pictures of the event) but forgot my USB cable (and my Smart Card reader).

I’ve already made a number of connections at PDC.

Last night I enjoyed Italian food with members of the Office “12” team. Rob Lefferts (soon to be blogging I’m told) and Dustin Friesenhahn (blog?) will be presenting later this week on server-side advances in “O12.” Pradeep Rajurs picked up the tab. (Thanks, Microsoft!) Rob apparently took some time to peruse my blog. His first impression of me afterward: I’m an “abstract thinker.” It’s true that I like to make connections among things that at first glance may not seem related. I also like to tell stories and make analogies in order to get my point across to others. This, I believe, comes from my Mom’s influence–she was a junior high school teacher for 16 years.

This morning I hooked up with David Folk and Sharat (“Shar”) Chander over coffee before the keynotes. These guys are the inbound and outbound PMs at Sun Microsystems for Sun’s Java Studio Creator product, which I think of as a VB-like developer experience for server-side Java application development. David and I used to work together on developer-centered products at EMC | Documentum before he left for his JSC gig. His introduction of me to Shar: I’m “nice and intense.” (I’m really learning a lot about myself at PDC.)

Stay tuned on this channel (and MANY more–lots of bloggers here) for more PDC05 news (e.g. more keynote takeaways).