Outlook observations

There are few things recently that peeve me about Outlook–actually one really has to do with Hotmail integration in Outlook–as follows:

  1. At some point, some hotfix or other Office patch has caused my Outlook to forget the state of my main (Exchange-based) personal folders node (i.e. it always starts fully collapsed). It would be nice if tree-based application UIs all supported an “Expand All” command, and I’d love to see Outlook pioneer this feature.
  2. Somehow my Outlook has gotten into a state where it shows duplicate PST-level nodes for the same PST file: one that works and one that doesn’t in any way other than taking up a line of tree real estate. (Others have too.) I, too, have checked with Sue Mosher and other Outlook experts, but no one has been able to resolve this annoyance. Any thoughts?
  3. Despite the fact that Hotmail (Passport) supports periods (.’s) in user names, it appears that not all Hotmail accounts are created equal. At some point, a decision was made to require an upgraded Hotmail account/subscription in order to gain access to Outlook integration with Hotmail accounts. This is lame for two reasons: (1) GMail has no such restriction, and (2) users with old and new Hotmail accounts can only access a subset of their Hotmail-based messages from Outlook.

BTW, on the subject of Hotmail, I’m looking forward to experiencing “Kahuna” (i.e. the forthcoming “Wave 11” UI). Then my brother-in-law can actually talk more about what he’s been doing recently on the Hotmail team.