DExplore revisited

Recently I had the satisfaction of knowing that one of my posts helped someone else. This comment actually ended up helping me in return when I re-encountered my MSDN Library Viewer issue (i.e. no content being displayed). Since I had already documented the resolution, I was able to clarify the actually root fix this go ’round–the first fix involved two actions in one of my check points. I am now convinced that the root issue is around wininet and doesn’t concern the size of “Temporary Internet Files” collections for all users on a single machine. After cleaning up these files (TIFs) for all users, I still saw the problem. However, the following steps resolved my MSDN Library Viewer issue:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer (IE).
  2. Navigate in IE to Tools | Internet Options… | General tab | (TIFs) Settings… button.
  3. Click the Move Folder… button.
  4. Move the location of TIFs. (It’s a good idea to maintain a location under the current user’s profile.)
  5. Click OK and log-off/log-in as instructed.
  6. If you’re running anti-spyware software (e.g. Microsoft’s or WebRoot’s), you will likely encounter a warning dialog concerning wininet. (This is the clue to the root fix.) Accept this movement.

For the record, here is what WebRoot Spy Sweeper reports in its alert: “MovingCacheA Wininet Settings _break_ … _break_ Location: rundll32.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\wininet.dll,RunOnceUrlCache” _break_ C:\DOCUME~1\Craig\LOCALS~1\TEMPOR~1 _break_ Registry or Startup Folder: HKCU: RunOnce.”

Looking at wininet.dll, this isn’t a COM server; so it’s not a matter of lost COM registration. The DLL also doesn’t export a MovingCacheA API (i.e. “dumpbin /exports” doesn’t list this method).