Maui never disappoints

Last week my wife, son and I, along with my brother, celebrated my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. Congrats, Mom and Dad!! We did so on the island of Maui, staying in the Kaanapali region in a luxury condo high-rise next to the beach. It was our second time to Maui, but the first for my folks; so extra attention was paid to ensure they got the most of their vacation. My son was content to swim in the little, and sometimes, big, pool and to make “sand castles” (read my brother and I feverously build while my son destroys, smiling from ear to ear) on the beach. However, everyone enjoyed the luau, the catamaran-based snorkeling excursion–actually snorkeling in general, and the visit to the Maui Ocean Center. We saw most all of the tropical fish varieties that one can see, sea turtles (red and green), dolphins and even breaching humpback whales.

Among my Dad, my brother and I–each of us armed with a Canon Digital Rebel SLR, we shot 2.5 GB of pictures–nearly 900 maximum quality images of family, landscapes, animal life and plant life. Back to back, I probably shot an additional solid 60 minutes of video; so, we’ll have plenty of memories for years to come.

On the road to Hana we discovered the innovation irrigation system on that part of Maui, which includes a series of diversion feeds, dams and canals that collectively serve to capture runoff water that would otherwise simply return to the Pacific Ocean and to divert it to the Taro, Pineapple, Macadamia and other fields. This got me to thinking about other useful systems of resource diversion to avoid waste and to enrich others (e.g. poverty and food, old electronic components and systems like computers).

While I was absolutely disconnected during my vacation, I did read as I like to do in general, but especially in this state–again, no technology or technical books allowed! My first read, Prince of Fire (the fifth book in Gabriel Allon series by author Daniel Silva) was purely for entertainment and to effect a rapid de-tox/disconnect from the previous week’s work efforts. Effective, indeed! My second read, Men in Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America, dealt with the current state of our judicial system and therefore was far more thought-provoking, if not disturbing. More on Mark Levin’s book in my next post.

Update 12/1/2008: For more of my book reviews and to see what else is in my book library (i.e. just the business-related or software-related non-fiction therein), please visit my Books page.