Building a new (online) home

I recently secured a new domain (i.e. and am working to establish a true blogging infrastructure upon it. (I’ve narrowed my choice down to Movable Type or WordPress. Every time I think that going with MT is a no-brainer, something pulls at me to look deeper into WP. So, I’m going to spend time during the rest of my current (much needed) vacation to better understand the reasons why each package was built, what goals each package is trying to solve, and where each package sees itself in the next 12-18 months (i.e. its strategy and roadmap).)

While I’ve certainly learned a lot through hand-crafting this site for more than a year now, it’s time for me to defer plumbing to someone else’s code and focus more on content creation. And because content is more important to me than plumbing, I will continue to post in traditional form here until all of my posts are being managed by a blogging engine.

Certainly, if you have thoughts on MT or WP, or another contender for that matter, please let me know. I’m all for learning from the experience of others.

As far as my MSN Space and my Wallop area go, I’m using these mostly as comparative laboratories and not as my primary content publication venues. All posts of any real consequence will be made here at