A feed and a facelift

A few people commented to me that my previous color scheme was a bit hard to read; so, I hope that you find the new palette to be an improvement.

More importantly, I finally found the time to produce an RSS 2.0 feed for my blog. (It’s only been a year without one.)

OK, I realize that some of you (e.g. in my family) are thinking about saying bless you or gesundheit after reading an RSS 2.0 feed for my blog, but this means that I can simply state this fact to my family and friends and each person can decide for his or herself if it matters. If it does matter to you, having a feed means that you can now subscribe to my site using a feed reader. When I post something new, your reader will recognize this for you and deliver the new content straight to your eyeballs.

Need a reader? Here’s what I recommend that you do:

  • Visit JetBrains web site and fill out a free Omea Reader license form (no later than 3/31/2005 if free is important to you) .
  • Download the latest released version of Omea Reader installer to, for example, your local desktop.
  • Install Omea Reader and enter the license key JetBrains sent your email address you specified on the form provides here.
  • Launch Omea Reader and choose Tools | Subscribe to Feed… from its menu system.
  • In the first field at the top, enter the following link after the provided http:// prefix: craigrandall.net/feed/ (i.e. the whole link should look like http://craigrandall.net/feed/).
  • Click Next.
  • Keep the default feed title I’ve set (a musing) or change it to whatever you prefer.
  • Click Next and finish the subscription.
  • Omea Reader should then grab the contents of my feed, which you can subsequently read.

I hope that you find my new feed valuable.

Update 3/21/2005: changed my feed link to reference my current WP-based feed rather than my hand-crafted feed at the time this post was originally published.

Update 12/22/2005: Omea Reader is free indefinitely. Simply use the key provided on its download page. You can also import my OPML file into Omea Reader (or any other OPML-aware feed reader) to get started (i.e. File | Import Feed Subscriptions…).