Where did August go?

Like many others in the blogsphere, my excuse for the lack of posts is a standard one–too busy writing cool software!

So, much has happened around me during the past several weeks. Where do I start?

  • Athens pulled off a great Olympic summer games. I was reminded that I’m getting old on a daily if not hourly basis watching the world’s finest athletes and sportsmen perform. We all wondered about security at the games, and yet there were no security incidents. Me’s basketball got a (much needed!) wake-up call (ref. [1] and [2]). At least they showed some pride in playing well in the bronze medal game. We Americans seem to be fixated on speed. Why is it that the faster the athlete the more likely that arrogance–different than confidence–will be present, often in glaring fashion (e.g. Gary Hall, swimming; various, track & field)? Def. class (n): Michael Phelps gave his relay spot to Ian Crocker so that he could have another chance to win gold, and he then cheered his heart out from the bleachers toward his teammates as they captured the gold medal.
  • Microsoft released Windows XP Service Pack 2. Works for me! Now I can understand Don Box’s HTTP.SYS post (continued) in full color…
  • Microsoft announced some significant changes to its next client operating system known as Longhorn. Others have already commented on the reaction to this news; I’ll simply add that I think these changes are necessary and fortunate for those building on the Windows platform. WinFS is a significant advance that must be done right and not done rushed. Also, there’s no compelling reason to hold up the other pillars, nor is there good reason not to increase their target market. (See also [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12] and [13].) I agree with Robert Scoble’s observation about how news today propagates using this Microsoft news as a case in point: By the time the first article gets written the story is already being told to thousands of people through these word-of-mouth networks [i.e. blogs].
  • BEA continued to see its executive ranks depart (i.e. Adam Bosworth, Scott Dietzen and Tod Nielsen). (They must be a world of hurt!)
  • I picked up a few new feeds. My blog roll and my OPML file are up-to-date.

More to come…next month! ;-)