The unfinished business of the Holocaust

This Father’s Day I was introduced to author Daniel Silva by my parents who gave me a paperback copy of The English Assassin. My Dad had already read The Unlikely Spy and A Death in Vienna and was in need of a good read; so I swapped my Silva novel for his and read A Death in Vienna while in Sea Ranch–just finishing the book this afternoon.

I really enjoy the author’s ability to layer a story and provide just enough detail to guide the imagination but not stifle it.

I’m looking forward to reading the first two books in the author’s three-book series on the unfinished business of the Holocaust. Author’s note: Nazi art looting and the collaboration of Swiss banks served as the backdrop for The English Assassin. The role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and the silence of Pope Pius XII inspired The Confessor. All books in this series are based loosely on actual events according to the author.

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