Politically refreshing

Yesterday my brother-in-law told me about JibJab. If you haven’t already seen this fantastic animation that spoofs both Bush and Kerry, it’s worth a visit. As someone said yesterday on a news program, it does indeed seem like we live in one country of two nations. America is deeply polarized and unfortunately this polarization has raised certain forms of ugliness in public discourse (e.g. pure vitriol, statements out of context, ignorance taken as truth, agenda taken as objectivity, character assassination, etc.). If nothing else, This Land creators Gregg and Evan Spiridellis remind us how silly this all has become. Ironically, the animation mirrors reality in that pundits and fellow citizens seem more focused on mud slinging than on a thorough debate on critical issues facing our nation.

Oh yeah, one last thing, if you aren’t registered to vote, what are you waiting for?!? Voting is one of this country’s greatest privileges. When it comes time to cast your ballot for our next president, if you don’t bother, then please do the rest of us a big favor: keep your opinions concerning the outcome to yourself. Being a citizen is not a spectator sport!