Summer site artwork

First Edition Canvas

The picture above, which was the basis of my previous banner, was taken over a year ago during a brunch for Mother’s Day. My brother was sitting next to me and just happened to catch the reflection of my son in my sunglasses. My son was his usual happy, smiley self, and I liked the picture so much that it became the original inspiration for this site. If weblogging is about being more transparent, I can’t think of a better spokesperson for my weblog than my son, who like most children his age is the epitome of transparency and integrity. I pray that this will remain a core part of his personality regardless of age or circumstance.

The picture below, which is the basis of my new banner, was taken yesterday during a trip to a local park as part of celebrating Father’s Day. My son happens to think that seeing his own reflection in my blue Revo’s is pretty neat, but what’s really cool is actually wearing the sunglasses himself. So, we donned them on a very pleased little boy and tried to catch me in his reflection. A little bit of work in Photoshop and viola–new banner artwork.

Second Edition Canvas